Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting started

I will use this blog in The Massive Open Online Cource (MOOC) #change11 which is about the state of the art of educational technology.

What are my goals?
  • To learn at least five new ways to use technology in my courses.
  • To try out at least one of these ways.
  • To connect with more than 20 participants in #change11
  • To retain at least five of them in my active network after the course is ended.
  • Explore new ways of developing comptences 
  • To share

What is my next step?
First Step
I became aware of #change11 on Twitter.

Second Step
I found the homepage.

Third Step
I viewed the following videos, got hooked, and registered for the course.

Fourth Step
I read About OpenID on and learned I could have one identity that I can use on any number of websites. I already had some OpenIDs without knowing it. I viewed OpenID Show, set up some more OpenIDs, but I did not get it to work at

Fifth Step
Stephen Downes video showed me how to set up a blog and share a new RSS feed with I am a new media newbie, and this is my first blog post ever.

What is My Next Step?
Please, tell me!

About Me
Education and Work Experience
I hold a MSc in Telematics from NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) and a MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) together with Practical Pedagogical Education. The first fifteen years of my proffesional career I worked with Information Technology and Marketing, first as consultant and later as manager. I worked mostly for international companies and I have also run my own company. The last fifteen years I have worked as teacher in upper secondary schools and occasionaly lectured at a university college. At present, I am also head of the science department at our school. I teach Information Technology and Mathematics.

Social Media and the Cloud
In the past, I used to consider myself as an IT specialist and have hands on experience from operation, support, development, planning, and IT management. However, I have been reluctant to use social media until this summer. Getting to know what someone had for supper did not appeal to me. Now I start to realize what other parts I have missed out. Furthermore, I felt uncomfortable with the concept of a cloud for storing my information somewhere by someone.  Again, the ease of use is awesome.

Social media is not yet included in our IT courses where I teach Photoshop, DreamWeaver, MySQL, Flash and ActionScript.

Better Late Than Never Part I
In august I started using Facebook where my friends are people I know socially and locally. It's okay. For job related networking I use Twitter (olm57) and Linkedin (olalie). If I had not signed up for Twitter, I would not have known about #change11. I have signed up for an Diigio (olalie) educator account, but I have not started to use it, yet.

I have also a couple of months experience with Evernote where I have shared reflections on

Previous Use of Educational Technology
Since 2003, I have used, Fronter, a Norwegian LMS. I used more when we had desktops. Today, I have my bookmarks on my laptop and share them with my students on Fronter. I communicate with my students through Fronter, email, and Mobilskole, which I use to multicast SMS messages. Our textbook publishers normally have websites with interactive content for our students. I use other resources I come across on Internet, but that's more random than structured. Our systems for school administration, however, are structured.

I have two static websites, one for school and the other for my company (which is asleep). Both websites need major overhaul. I mentioned them in case you like to try out two programs I made:
  • Suduko Cheat (a java application, applet and midlet)
  • Travelling through Europe with no borders (an ActionScript game which requires Flash Player)

Better Late Than Never Part II
During the thirty years I have worked with IT, I have yet to encounter a person who has switched from PC to Mac and back. Until this summer I had no previous experience with Apple products, but now I use a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone. I have started to develop apps with xcode and it's fun.

Two of my Hobbies
  • I play bridge once a week in a local club.
  • I enjoy cross country skiing and used to be a snow sculptor (requires Flash Player)


  1. Congrats on your first blog! Well done. I like how you listed personal goals for mooc . You sparked my interest about mobilskole and Xcode - hadn't heard of them before. Already I am learning new things from #change11. Now I have to go read about openID since I missed that post.
    This is my first time commenting on a blog:) Thanks for sharing! Mshea.

  2. In a past mooc, I used diigo a lot for capturing links mentioned during the online sessions both by the day's facilitator and in the back channel discussions. It's quite the achievement to listen to the facilitator, keep track of the back channel, comment, and capture links. I open diigo before the start of the session so I can copy and paste links quickly and afterwards decide if I want to keep the links and add the tags which includes the course hash tag.

  3. Welcome to the MOOC and to the world of blogging. This is my first MOOC as well and I'll be using my personal blog to interact with the course. I also enjoyed your goals... I may have to steal that idea from you for my own blog.

  4. Could you advice on where to go to rapidly understand and use Diigo?