Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting started

I will use this blog in The Massive Open Online Cource (MOOC) #change11 which is about the state of the art of educational technology.

What are my goals?
  • To learn at least five new ways to use technology in my courses.
  • To try out at least one of these ways.
  • To connect with more than 20 participants in #change11
  • To retain at least five of them in my active network after the course is ended.
  • Explore new ways of developing comptences 
  • To share

What is my next step?
First Step
I became aware of #change11 on Twitter.

Second Step
I found the homepage.

Third Step
I viewed the following videos, got hooked, and registered for the course.

Fourth Step
I read About OpenID on and learned I could have one identity that I can use on any number of websites. I already had some OpenIDs without knowing it. I viewed OpenID Show, set up some more OpenIDs, but I did not get it to work at

Fifth Step
Stephen Downes video showed me how to set up a blog and share a new RSS feed with I am a new media newbie, and this is my first blog post ever.

What is My Next Step?
Please, tell me!

About Me
Education and Work Experience
I hold a MSc in Telematics from NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) and a MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) together with Practical Pedagogical Education. The first fifteen years of my proffesional career I worked with Information Technology and Marketing, first as consultant and later as manager. I worked mostly for international companies and I have also run my own company. The last fifteen years I have worked as teacher in upper secondary schools and occasionaly lectured at a university college. At present, I am also head of the science department at our school. I teach Information Technology and Mathematics.

Social Media and the Cloud
In the past, I used to consider myself as an IT specialist and have hands on experience from operation, support, development, planning, and IT management. However, I have been reluctant to use social media until this summer. Getting to know what someone had for supper did not appeal to me. Now I start to realize what other parts I have missed out. Furthermore, I felt uncomfortable with the concept of a cloud for storing my information somewhere by someone.  Again, the ease of use is awesome.

Social media is not yet included in our IT courses where I teach Photoshop, DreamWeaver, MySQL, Flash and ActionScript.

Better Late Than Never Part I
In august I started using Facebook where my friends are people I know socially and locally. It's okay. For job related networking I use Twitter (olm57) and Linkedin (olalie). If I had not signed up for Twitter, I would not have known about #change11. I have signed up for an Diigio (olalie) educator account, but I have not started to use it, yet.

I have also a couple of months experience with Evernote where I have shared reflections on

Previous Use of Educational Technology
Since 2003, I have used, Fronter, a Norwegian LMS. I used more when we had desktops. Today, I have my bookmarks on my laptop and share them with my students on Fronter. I communicate with my students through Fronter, email, and Mobilskole, which I use to multicast SMS messages. Our textbook publishers normally have websites with interactive content for our students. I use other resources I come across on Internet, but that's more random than structured. Our systems for school administration, however, are structured.

I have two static websites, one for school and the other for my company (which is asleep). Both websites need major overhaul. I mentioned them in case you like to try out two programs I made:
  • Suduko Cheat (a java application, applet and midlet)
  • Travelling through Europe with no borders (an ActionScript game which requires Flash Player)

Better Late Than Never Part II
During the thirty years I have worked with IT, I have yet to encounter a person who has switched from PC to Mac and back. Until this summer I had no previous experience with Apple products, but now I use a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone. I have started to develop apps with xcode and it's fun.

Two of my Hobbies
  • I play bridge once a week in a local club.
  • I enjoy cross country skiing and used to be a snow sculptor (requires Flash Player)